Application Forms


Students seeking to establish their initial eligibility in the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship program must complete the application form provided at the link below.  Students should complete the top section of the form and then have an authorized high school representative sign the bottom portion for verification of the Regent Scholar curriculum and academic requirements of the scholarship program.  After obtaining the authorized signature, students should SUBMIT the application form DIRECTLY TO THE UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE, OR TECHNICAL SCHOOL TO WHICH THEY ARE APPLYING.  Please note that the Board of Regents office does not make initial eligibility decisions, and all applications and questions concerning initial eligibility should be directed to the respective campus coordinator identified in the list provided for Initial Eligibility Contacts.

The application form must be accompanied by:

  1. An official high school transcript; and
  2. A copy of the student's ACT or SAT score report if the student's official high school transcript does not show the ACT composite score or the sum of the SAT verbal and mathematics scores.

Due Dates

Complete application packages are due to institutional representatives by no later than September 1st for those seeking initial enrollment during the Fall term, and no later than January 15th for those seeking initial enrollment during the Spring term.  However, it is recommended that the initial scholarship application and transcript be submitted by June 1st when establishing eligibility for the Fall term and November 1st for the Spring term so that the financial aid office can begin to work with eligible students to package a scholarship award in a more timely manner.


Contact Information

Kerri Richards
Student Service Coordinator

Katie Maley
Senior Academic Affairs Coordinator


Initial Eligibility Contacts at Participating Institutions