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According to section 24:40:13:12 - Transfer among participating institutions of the Administrative Rules that govern the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship Program, a student may transfer among participating institutions without losing eligibility if they have maintained their continuing eligibility.  Each student who requests to transfer between participating institutions must apply to the admissions office of the participating institution that the student intends to attend.  Each student is responsible for completing the Institutional Transfer Form posted at the link below, as well as arranging the submission of all official transcripts and documents needed to demonstrate compliance with course load, persistence, and grade point requirements.  Upon receiving the appropriate documentation, representatives from the participating institution will notify a transfer student whether it is likely that the student will qualify to participate in the scholarship program. 


In order to complete the Institutional Transfer Form - students will need to complete the online application for the term they will be transfering that is found on the Board of Regents Scholarship Application Website.   Please see that home page for log in instructions. 

Due Dates

Institutional Transfer Forms must be complete by September 20 for the Fall semester or by February 15 for the Spring semester.


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