Administrative Rules
CHAPTER 24:40:13
24:40:13:01   Definitions.
24:40:13:02   Initial eligibility requirements.
24:40:13:03   Loss of eligibility due to attendance outside South Dakota
24:40:13:04   Exceptions to attendance restrictions.
24:40:13:05   Credit hour threshold requirements for continuing eligibility.
24:40:13:06   Persistence requirements for continuing eligibility.
24:40:13:07   Grade point requirements for continuing eligibility.
24:40:13:08   Payment of benefits to students participating in the scholarship program.
24:40:13:09   Reinstatement of eligibility lost due to failure to maintain grade point average.
24:40:13:10   Treatment of special enrollments for purposes of eligibility: summer sessions, interim sessions, repeated courses, asynchronous distance education courses.
24:40:13:11   Repealed.
24:40:13:12   Transfer among participating institutions.
24:40:13:13   Equivalencies.
24:40:13:14   Application for admission to the scholarship program or for transfer between participating institutions.
24:40:13:15   Tentative acceptance into the scholarship program and tentative approval of continued eligibility for transfer students.
24:40:13:16   Agreement to conditions of the scholarship program.
24:40:13:17   Grievance procedures.
24:40:13:18   Institutional agreements.
24:40:13:19   Duties of the executive director.
24:40:13:20   Allocation of Scholarship Funds


Contact Information

Kerri Richards
Student Service Coordinator

Katie Maley
Senior Academic Affairs Coordinator


Initial Eligibility Contacts at Participating Institutions