Exemption Request Guidelines

​State statue grants the Executive Director of the Board of Regents the authority to grant exemptions to continuous enrollment requirements when good cause is shown. As a result, when a situation arises that hinders a student from meeting the eligibility requirements for the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship, he/she has the opportunity to request an exemption waiver from the Executive Director. When submitting an exemption request, all students must include the following information in the request:

  1. Student's Full Name
  2. Student ID Number
  3. Institution
  4. Current Mailing Address
  5. Major
  6. Justification for the Exemption
    1. Medical Hardship
    2. Exchange Program
    3. Program of Study Requirements
    4. Internship or Cooperative Education Program
    5. Military or National Guard Deferral
  7. Type of Waiver Sought
    1. Credit Hour
    2. Persistence
  8. Verification Contact Information (e.g., Advisor, Doctor, Exchange Program Coordinator, etc.)
  9. Semester(s) Waiver is Sought

Once an exemption request is received by the Executive Director, additional information may be sought to provide additional context to the request. Also, to meet legislative oversight of the exemption request process, Board of Regents staff must obtain verification from campus representatives. Students may submit Executive Director exemptions via email to Kerri Richards at Kerri.Richards@sdbor.edu.


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